… And We Sell Women’s Apparel!!

Many of you know that we started out as a hardware store, but most of you know us as a “lamp store”. Both are true, but there is so much more and we have added many other items over the years. The most recent addition we want to highlight is our “clothing boutique”.
We started out selling hardware back in 1945, but as times changed, the business evolved. “Big Box” hardware stores came into town and Mary Barnett brought in “a few lamps and other decorative items” into her husband’s hardware store. Then she added small gifts and lotions and soon there was no room for hardware!
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In 2000 Mary Barnett’s moved from Ward’s Corner where the Rite Aid is now (you can still see the marker noting “Barnett Corner” on the front of Rite Aid) to our current location in Riverview. As you may guess, it didn’t take long to fill our 6,500 sq ft location up with merchandise.
Many things were added and eliminated over the years as tastes changed. After about 15 years in Riverview, Mary Barnett decided to add a “clothing boutique”. She realized that not everyone would need a lamp every year but most females liked to add a new top or outfit much more often. Other boutiques had shut down in Norfolk and the timing was right. Many of you know Dana and if you don’t, please come in and introduce yourself. She had many years in the clothing industry prior to joining us and has helped to take the boutique to where it is now. She will be glad to assist in finding the right outfit for your particular occasion!
So if you didn’t know that we sell clothing and accessories, please take a look! Our summer collection was extremely well received and we now look forward to getting our fall items in. We are also looking forward to presenting some of our fashions at the upcoming Fashion show to benefit the Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. (There will be more on that later!…..)
Come see us for something different, casual and comfortable!